Hello guys! I’m Souzana from Greece.
1. Why Istanbul?
Well... For me Istanbul is a really unique city. Actually I fell in love for the first time that I came here 5 years ago. So, when I came I said to myself that I really want to come back to this city and stay like.. for more than 5 days and actually I did it! And it is a really really, really beautiful city. That’s why I came here. That’s why I chose Istanbul.
2. What was your doubts before you come and which ones have changed?
I understand that for many people it would be a difficult choice because of the attacks that happened.I had the same problem with the people around me like my parents, my friends, my teachers at the university… They didn’t really want me to come here. But I really wanted to come and I was sure about that. No matter what. I mean if you are sure for your choice, it’s better for you to do it. Of course, sometimes you will have second thoughts beacuse you see what is happening around you but at the same time you’ll realize and you’ll understand everything’s okay. Is it safe? Of course, it is safe. Anything can happen anywhere. So it doesn’t matter if it’s going to happen in Istanbul or in France or in England or in Germany.. I don’t know. I feel safe and I don’t think that you’ll feel unsafe if you come here.
3. What is the best thing that happened to you in Istanbul?
For me the best thing that I had in Istanbul, it’s about friendship. I’ve met so many new people from other countries. Of course with some of them we got more closer, we are like family now. For me, it feels so good to have so many friends, so many international friends. And this is a really really good experience. Umm… how can I say? It’s really good!
4. What do you want to say to those who want to do Erasmus in ITU?
ITU is one of the best universities, generally in Istanbul and in the whole Turkey. Actually it is the first in Istanbul and the second in the country. So it is a really good university. The teachers here, the people here, they are going to help you. Also, the ESNers are really good people. Whatever you want, they are going to help you. So, no worries. You will have a really good experience. You will learn a lot. And yeah, it’s a really good choice.